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Intraday courses
Benefits of doing Intraday course

You might want to purchase and sell the stocks on the same day to minimize the risks introduced by investing money for an extended period. It is called ‘Intraday Trading.’ It becomes profitable only when done under an expert's guidance. For instance, a novice investor might struggle to make money through this method.

Here’s where Moneey Academy comes to the rescue. Our Intraday Courses will help you deal with fluctuating stock values and invest wisely for a day.

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Duration - 5 Hours for 2 days

Cost : ₹ 8,000   ₹6,000 /-

Practical and live market support will be given after the course is completed.

Intraday Course

Table of Contents

Here, we cover the following topics:

1. How to Select Intraday Stocks

The key to choosing top intraday stocks is to avoid volatile stocks, follow market trends, use charting tools, choose liquid stocks, trade news-sensitive stocks, and more. However, our trainers will help you understand the best intraday stocks list at our share market classes in Vasai. Moreover, choosing the right stock is the key to success in this type.

2. Types of Candlesticks

Our courses are not dependent on each other. Thus, types of stock candlestick appear in our Advance and Intraday courses according to the requirements. Various candlestick patterns show the price movement based on past patterns. However, our professional trainers will help you find the best candlestick patterns.

3. Price Action How to Select Winning Stocks

Price action in the stock market is the basis for all technical analysis in stock market. It is the movement of a security’s price over a given time and is called the ‘game of highs and lows.’ This strategy suits short-term and medium-term investments more than long-term ones. However, some might find it a random pattern that might not

Looking for strong industry groups and sectors is the key if you wonder how to select winning stocks. Picking winning stocks becomes easier if you know for how long you want them. For instance, you may select one with high expectations if you want to go for a longer time and one with lower expectations if you want it for a shorter time.

4. Knowledge about Foreign Currencies

According to the foreign exchange market, currencies are traded in pairs, which means that the value of one depends on the other. This way, you may determine how much currency you need from your country to purchase foreign currency. The most liquid market in the world is the forex financial market, and the traders in this type are mostly institutions. Central banks represent their nation’s government and fix the price of native currency in forex.

5. US Stocks

US stock news is an important aspect of the Intraday Course because this stock market is the most efficient, transparent, well-regulated, and old one. The US stock market update helps you explore new markets around the world. However, it introduces a few risks too. Popular US stocks are Apple, Google, General Motors, etc. People wondering how to invest in US stocks must select an appropriate broker and application for investing overseas.

6. Intraday Trading Strategies

You may select the best intraday trading strategy by picking top momentum stocks, determining when to enter and when to exit, analyzing the stop loss, and predicting the returns of the strategy. Accordingly, you may choose one of the following intraday trading strategies: momentum strategy, correlated stocks, CFD strategy, gap-and-go strategy, scalping strategy, and more. Similarly, finding the right time for experimenting with intraday stock trading strategies is a must.

The golden rules of intraday trading keep you away from fear and greed in the unpredictable stock market. Some intraday trading rules are: trading at a specific point in time; having a setup and trading accordingly; investing only in volatile and liquid stocks; monitoring the market constantly; and taming your emotions.

These basic rules in intraday trading will help you find the best from the intraday trading chart patterns such as triple bottom, double bottom, cup and handle, head and shoulders, triple top, and more. However, before stepping into anything, have a strategy and stick to it.

8. Technical Analysis and Types of Charts

Determining the correct time to enter and exit intraday trading is not a cakewalk. However, a technical analysis for intraday trading might help you. The best technical analysis for intraday trading involves the study of market volume, price, and trends that are beneficial to going through the narrow window of intraday trading.

You may study candlestick patterns, RSI indicators, technical indicators, MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence), ADX (Average Directional Moving Index), and more. These technical indicators are based on different strategies. Thus, combining the signals might bring repeated data and overconfidence of being correct.

9. Level-Based Trading

Level-based trading occurs when the traders find significant buying or selling activity at a specific price level. Traders stop at this point to avoid falling any further, and instead, they reverse the price to the upside. This line is called the support line. However, Moneey Academy is here to teach you to identify the support line and invest wisely, no matter how tedious you find it.

10. Important Indicators

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is one of the most powerful indicators in intraday trading. Besides that, you may also refer to stochastic oscillators, moving averages, Bollinger bands, and volume. They help identify signals and trends in the market's short-term dynamics. However, these common indicators in intraday trading do not guarantee success. You must also consider risk management, experience, and market analysis to minimize your loss.

Imbalance between supply and demand, interest rates, unemployment, GDP growth rate, exchange rates, inflation, and economic data fluctuate the stock value in the market.

Benefits of an Intraday Trading Course

The intraday strategy taught at Moneey Academy Vasai brings the following benefits:

1. Avoid Overnight Risk

Since intraday trading includes buying and selling stocks within a day, it does not introduce overnight risk. Similarly, it reduces the risk of incurring substantial losses.

2. Instant Earnings

Day trading brings instant earnings because there is no long-term investment.

3. Liquidity

Another advantage is liquidity, which means entering and leaving a position at any time with ease, especially in highly liquid markets.

4. Invest and Earn With Low Capital

You will invest and earn more with low capital.

5. Handle Volatility With Our Experts

Unexpected fluctuations in price may occur and make intraday trading more risky than making the best trading strategy. However, we teach you to take calculated risks, analyze various patterns, and invest appropriately.

Who Can Join an Intraday Course?

You can be one of the following after completing our Intraday Course and gaining enough experience in the share market:

After Completing the Intraday Course

You may join our Intraday Trading Course if:

Table of Contents


Some people might think an Intraday Course in Share Market is not worth it. However, they are wrong because it helps us make immediate decisions in the Money Market and deal with its volatility.
At Moneey Academy, we teach about foreign currencies because they are helpful for global transactions, trade, and international currency markets.
Yes, we teach to find out the winning stocks that overthrow the negative effects of the losing ones.
Technical Analysis in the Share Market can be made by opening a trading account and identifying the current market conditions after using the market’s chart.

Intraday courses

Intraday courses

Intraday courses

Intraday courses

Intraday courses