Privacy Policy

Moneey Academy collects visitors’ and students’ personal information in person or through the official website, according to the requirements. However, we prioritise confidentiality. We do our best to protect your information and use it only for the betterment of our students.
Please read our privacy policy carefully, because it means you will agree to the terms and conditions associated with our website while visiting it. Here, we describe how we collect your information and how we can use it.

How We Collect Your Information

We do our best to provide accurate information through our official website, However, Moneey Academy believes in going hand-in-hand with time, which means our website is subject to change. Still, we ensure maintaining transparency while collecting and using your information because we do not believe in selling, renting, disclosing, or trading it to third parties.
On the other hand, we strongly recommend that you frequently visit our privacy policy page to learn about the changes. Meanwhile, you may casually visit our website without entering your personal information to learn more about us. We collect your data in the following ways:

1. Data That You Directly Disclose

We collect your personal data in person when you enrol in our Share Market classes. We help people open a Demat account, where you must share some of your personal data. In the above two cases, we might ask for your email ID, contact number, identity proof, and other documents according to the legal requirements.

2. Cookies

Numerous websites use cookies, and so do we. Our intention behind using cookies is to remember you, or your useful information, every time you visit our website. Whenever you visit our site, your machine’s unique identifier will be stored in small files, called cookies, and sent by the server to the browser. However, you may disable cookies on your side by modifying your browser’s settings.

3. Log Files

Log files are generated by the computer to record everything happening on a website. They exist to identify the device you used to visit our website, rather than you. They record events, their timestamps, instructions, transactions, errors, IP addresses and more information. However, we ensure that we keep the log files in a safe location.

How We Use Your Information

Mentioned below are the purposes we use your information for:
We might share your information with the legal authorities if they ask for it due to their suspicion about your involvement in an illegal activity. However, it is an extreme case.

1. External Links

Moneey Academy’s website might contain external links we have no control over. Thus, we assume no responsibility for the damage caused to you by those third-party services or products. We strongly recommend going through the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the third-party websites you visit through ours. Similarly, we cannot guarantee safety against external attacks on data transmitted over the internet.

2. Market Risks

Share Market includes ups and downs. Thus, we cannot predict one’s future based on their past performance in this field. We will guide you to understand and calculate the risks before investing. However, whether to invest or not will be your decision and we assume no responsibility in case of your loss.

3. Access To Children

We generally do not encourage children to submit information on our website. However, you may directly contact us if your child accidentally shares some personal information on our website.

4. Your Rights

Mentioned above are the methods by which Moneey Academy stores or shares your information. Still, you have the right to not let anyone, including us, access your personal information. In that case, you may contact us to share your opinion.


1. Does Moneey Academy Share My Personal Information With Third Parties?

No. We do not share your personal information with third parties. However, we might have to do that if legal authorities ask for your information out of suspicion over your involvement in an illegal activity.

2. Does Moneey Academy Protect My Personal Information?

Yes. We protect your personal information. However, we do not guarantee protection for your information from the third parties we have external links to.

3. Will The Share Market Classes Repay Me If I Lose My Money in the Share Market?

No. We train our students to calculate risks but cannot guarantee profit in the fluctuating Money Market. Thus, we assume no responsibility for anyone’s loss.

4. My Child accidentally Submitted His Personal Information to Your Website. What To Do?

You may contact us or visit us for more discussion.